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Specialties: Board Certified, 7 year Experience Call for FREE Consultation! 3234225653 Christina Williams Established in 2012. In 2012, i tried to buy a house; but I had a very low credit score so I was denied a mortgage. I made it my goal to buy the house of my dreams. So, I set out on a mission to do so. I took an online course that molded me into the Credit Repair Specialist I am today. Then, I took the Exam and was certified through CCA. After becoming certified, I worked on my and my Husband's credit score and significantly raised our scores, getting us approved for the best rates during the mortgage process. Mt husband and I are currently home owners and we couldn't be happier with our gorgeous home with breath taking view. I want everyone to experience the freedom and peace of mind that i experienced. So, i made it my personal goal to help my clients reach theirs. If you want this for yourself, let me be your credit guru and make it happen! Sign up now and let's begin! I'll be speaking with you soon.


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